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I ate Beets for Dinner and THIS Happened...

beets nutrition Apr 22, 2019

Find out what happens when you eat beets!

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Is the Keto Diet Dead?


There has been quite a lot of negative press about the Keto Diet and ketogenic diets in general. 

Yet their proponents are adamant that their ketogenic diet improves their health. 

Learn the truth about them. 

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Are GMO Foods a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

agriculture gmo nutrition Apr 08, 2019

There has been a lot of lively discussion at my house at the dinner table since my teen came home from his Biology class proclaiming that GMO's are going to  help save the planet. 

Here's what I think! 

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Why you feel Bloated After you Eat.

bloating cramping ibs sibo sifo Apr 01, 2019

What causes bloating? 

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Have you Heard of the New Fad Called the "Meat Diet"?


Otherwise known as the Carnivore Diet, here's what I think about it.  

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Is Gluten Evil?


Find out here the real story behind gluten and why it is so controversial! 

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The REAL Truth About Superfoods!

nutrition Mar 11, 2019

Is there any reality to the term "Superfoods"? 

Is this just another way to sell expensive supplements?

Watch my video and I will tell you what I think! 

And let me know what YOU think! 

With Big Love, 

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Why are food habit changes so difficult to sustain? Why is unhealthy food so addictive?

You came in to your new revamped diet with the best  of intentions. Maybe your health provider really stressed how important it was to be successful this time. Maybe your weight has been creeping upwards, or your cardiovascular numbers weren’t good or your A1C was creeping upwards. Maybe you feel inflamed all of the time and your Rheumatoid Arthritis has been acting up. You understand intellectually the importance of making these changes. In fact,  this time you vow to turn over a new leaf! You read all of the books and blogposts about your food plan. You really GET it, and yet… you have a strong start for a few days, weeks or even months and then your inspiration flags. Why is this so hard?

Many people have difficulty making these changes and maintaining them. In fact food habits  are some  of the more difficult things to change.  As difficult as it is to quit smoking, drinking, other addictions…. and I acknowledge that these are VERY...

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Histamine Reactions?

gut health histamine sibo Sep 10, 2018

  Carol, a 53 year old real estate broker with 2 children, had been noticing more allergic reactions  in the past 6 months. Her symptoms were wide ranging. Sometimes it was digestive upset, sometimes she would actually develop itching and hives. Her sleep had gotten a lot worse and she found that she was waking up in the middle of the night very hungry no matter how much or what she ate for dinner.

In fact it was really difficult to pinpoint if  foods were setting her symptoms off  because she could eat something for dinner one day and be fine, and then she could eat the leftovers for a few days and then her symptoms would flare. She was wondering how much food was a factor, but did notice that her symptoms would flare after eating. So something related to what she was eating was likely a contributory factor. But what? It seemed so random!

As she spoke I started to think about histamine being a contributory factor to her symptoms.  Sometimes in gut...

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Beyond “Food Jail” …er… Restrictive Diets

A lot of my patients are on restrictive diets. I walk them through the process, how to deal with the emotions, how to manage it with their busy chaotic lives, so they can allow their bodies to heal from inflammation, bacterial overgrowth, autoimmune disorders, etc. Most of the time these diets are meant to be temporary and therapeutic during treatment with a slow addition to widen the diet once treatment of the infection/inflammation/autoimmune has been accomplished. This way we can begin to see what the body can and cannot tolerate. It is often a non-linear journey.

Restrictive diets by nature are not very fun. Nobody wants to have a “NO!” in their life. It brings up all sorts of “stuff” for the person undergoing the diet restriction. I have blogged a ton on this and there is a massive amount of information and research out there about WHY the restriction is necessary for a time so I am not going to go into that very much in this particular post. You can...

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