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Dr Tara Skye Goldin Health Hacks
Carbs- Stem the Tide of Expansion adiposity carbohydrates carbs cortisol diabetes insulin seasonal affective disorder seratonin stress Dec 02, 2021

This video explains why we crave carbs more as the days get shorter in the winter. And how the holidays often do us no favors in this regard.  Also  how stress and cortisol spikes contribute physiologically to carb cravings. 

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Food Freedom vs. Freedom to Heal: What is the most healing thing? celiac diabetes eating disorder food ibs inflammation nutrition obesity restrictive diets sibo Feb 10, 2020

Eating in an unrestricted way may sometimes  be the most healing thing, for example,  when healing from an eating disorder. Other times, like spending money we need to rein it in or suffer dire consequences. 

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Is a Low Carb Diet Safe for Type 2 Diabetes? diabetes ketogenic low carb medication Jul 01, 2019

Many patients with Type 2 Diabetes want to make the shift to a low carb diet. In order to be safe it must be done very gradually and with closely monitored blood sugar and adjustments to medication!

Watch my video to see my thoughts on this! 

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