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Chronic Ear Infections (Otitis Media) in Children

children's health Dec 10, 2014

Chronic, recurrent ear infections are a common condition in young children. This is due to various factors. The main factor is the structural shape of a young child’s ear canal. The canal is shorter in young children and the shape of the eustacean tube straighter than in adults, making a child more prone to infections. Secondly, their immune system is still developing, so often young children get more upper respiratory infections than adults. Ear infections are also more common while a child is teething. Thirdly, 97% of ear infections can trace their original origin to allergies, either environmental or food.

Traditional allopathic medicine has 2 main ways of treating ear infections: antibiotics and tube insertion for drainage. This approach does not really address the cause, and chronic antibiotic use can cause further problems in a child’s longterm health. The child’s diet must be addressed if there is to be an impact in the frequency and duration of the ear...

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Healthy Kids!

children's health Sep 11, 2013

Here are some very general tips for keeping children healthy any time of the year!

1. Allow them the time and structure to get plenty of fresh air and exercise. A guideline is 1 hour of unstructured outdoor play (weather permitting) and 1 hour of structured physical activity per day. This is ideal.

2. Offer them plenty of purified water. A good guideline is 1/2 of their weight in fluid oz per day.

3. Identify and eliminate food allergens. The most common food allergies are to peanuts, wheat and gluten, cow dairy, citrus, soy, tree nuts, eggs, and chocolate, though really they could be allergic to any food.

4. Allow themenough sleep. Young children need 10-12 hours of sleep per night and teens also need at least 9-10.

5. Make sure that much of their learning is play based and experiential. Children have the capacity to do a lot of rote memorization of factoids though the latest research in brain development indicates that more of the learning before age 12 is best in an experiential...

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Addicted to Sugar?

Just because you and your family are staying away from excess sugar consumption doesn’t mean that you have to miss all of the fun! Here are a few suggestions so that you can still enjoy life and have things that “everyone else has”.

1. ” Buy back” your child’s Halloween candy from trick or treating and use the money to get them a special toy instead. Your child can still go trick or treating with his or her friends and even enjoy collecting all of the candy, but instead of eating it, they use it to get something else that will last (hopefully) and won’t harm them.

2. Try using a small (and I mean small) amount of stevia (from chrysanthemums!) to sweeten foods and in baking .

3. If the stevia is not a hit (it can be a little bitter) try these natural sweeteners such as agave (from cactus) or real maple sugar which lave a lower glycemic index and therefore won’t spike the blood sugar as much.

4. If you are craving sugar, it could be a...

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Natural Breastmilk Replacement Formulas

Nothing can ever really replace breast milk. However, situations may arise when a mother cannot naturally meet her baby’s needs, as in cases of insufficient production , severe mastitis, or for an adopted baby. Store bought formulas are high in various forms of sugar and contain chemicals and highly allergenic foods that may compromise a child’s immune system. For this reason I have included a few natural breast milk replacement formulas. I know that some of you reading this are well beyond the age of having young children, or do not have children. Please feel free to forward these recipes on to anyone that you know who may appreciate this information!The formulas listed below were developed by the late Dr. William Mitchell of Seattle. Dr. Mitchell, one of the co-founders of Bastyr University has instructed and mentored countless naturopathic physicians. These formulas will supply a baby’s nutritional needs until the child is ready to start on solid foods....
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