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Histamine Reactions?

gut health histamine sibo Sep 10, 2018

  Carol, a 53 year old real estate broker with 2 children, had been noticing more allergic reactions  in the past 6 months. Her symptoms were wide ranging. Sometimes it was digestive upset, sometimes she would actually develop itching and hives. Her sleep had gotten a lot worse and she found that she was waking up in the middle of the night very hungry no matter how much or what she ate for dinner.

In fact it was really difficult to pinpoint if  foods were setting her symptoms off  because she could eat something for dinner one day and be fine, and then she could eat the leftovers for a few days and then her symptoms would flare. She was wondering how much food was a factor, but did notice that her symptoms would flare after eating. So something related to what she was eating was likely a contributory factor. But what? It seemed so random!

As she spoke I started to think about histamine being a contributory factor to her symptoms.  Sometimes in gut...

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