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Dr Tara Skye Goldin Health Hacks
Dr. Tara's "Smoke Stack" and Donation Link #MarshallFire air pollution antioxidants burnt plastics cellular protection fire damage lungs marshall fire smoke toxic air Jan 03, 2022

Many of you probably know by now that my town was affected by the Marshall Fire. It spread very rapidly and around 1000 homes were a complete and total loss. Many more have to wait to return and while their structures are still standing, there are losses due to smoke damage.

All of this has put...

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Dr. Tara's Anti-Aging Hack Stack anti-aging antioxidants inflammation longevity oxidative stress prevention Nov 22, 2021

I am sharing what I personally take for anti-aging and to prevent inflammation and oxidative stress. 

You can order any of  the products in my Anti-Aging Hack Stack here:

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