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Gut Health and the Microbiome; Bacteroides vs. Firmicutes and Butyrate Production bacterioides butyrate crohns disease firmicutes ibd ibs inflammation microbiome microvilli health scfa sibo small chain fatty acids ulcerative colitis Oct 20, 2023

Gut Health and the Microbiome

Bacteroides vs. Firmicutes and Butyrate Production


If you've ever researched  into the fascinating world of gut microbiota, you've probably come across the terms Bacteroides and Firmicutes. These are two of the major phyla of bacteria residing in our...

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Your Microbiome- are Restrictive Diets Harmful? biphasic diet digestive health ibs inflammation microbiome restrictive diets scd diet sibo sibo specific Nov 08, 2021

It is no secret that a therapeutic food plan, or a restrictive diet are a part of healing many digestive and inflammatory issues. But what happens to the Microbiome when you are on a restrictive diet long term? I share my thoughts here! 

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