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Can't Sleep? Try this...

adrenals hpa axis sleep stress Jul 29, 2019

Sleep and stress issues have become an epidemic in our world. 

Watch this video learn what you can do to improve your sleep. 

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Who Wants to Crawl Back from Fatigued to Fabulous?

Many years ago, fresh out of med school I was so fatigued that I needed a 2 hour afternoon nap almost every day because I would have a brown out around 3-5 PM. I would go home from work, crash out, and wake up in time to throw something together for dinner.   Even though I was relatively young I needed to nap just to function and take care of my work and living needs. Even when I would wake up every morning and go for a 3-5 mile run, or go to a yoga class, I would still come home from work and crash.   Something was definitely very off. Thankfully at that time in my life, I was still single and childless. In fact, until I met my husband who at the time already had a 3 year old child, I could not even fathom having the energy to bear or raise a child of my own. Watching my friends have their kids, I just knew I wouldn’t be up to the task because of my chronic fatigue issues.

I DID figure out and heal my fatigue issues eventually, and at the age of 41 my...

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