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Is Gut Health a Thing or is it a Marketing Ploy?


Find out whether (or not)  gut health is a bunch of hyped up nonsense!  

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Is the Keto Diet Dead?


There has been quite a lot of negative press about the Keto Diet and ketogenic diets in general. 

Yet their proponents are adamant that their ketogenic diet improves their health. 

Learn the truth about them. 

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Have you Heard of the New Fad Called the "Meat Diet"?


Otherwise known as the Carnivore Diet, here's what I think about it.  

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Brain Health and Neurotransmitters Linked to Gut Health

Did you know that the health of your gut can effect your moods? A while ago, someone coined the phrase “Gut Psychology Syndrome” for the effect that a leaky or inflamed gut can have on neurotransmitter production (or lack thereof).   The special diet and protocol have been used for conditions such as autism, epilepsy depression, bipolar disorder, etc. “Grain Brain” is another term used for that brain fog that many people get from eating various grains, including the non-gluten ones.

While the diets and protocols laid out in those excellent books such as “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” as well as “Grain Brain” are a good start, with “leaky gut” syndrome and its associated inflammation, there is no one diet or supplement protocol which works for everyone. We are, after all, unique individuals genetically and spiritually. What works smashingly for one person needs to be adjusted for another. Laboratory results may...

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