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The Gut-Hormone Connection

How your Gut Issues are Connected to Hormone Imbalance

Maureen, a 46 year old mother of 3, had recurrent digestive problems and IBS along with acne and irregular, painful periods with a hellish case of monthly PMS. It all began around the time her dermatologist prescribed longterm antibiotic therapy for stubborn acne. While her acne only showed modest improvements with this common approach of prescribing antibiotics for years on end, her digestion got worse and worse until she had almost constant loose stools, bloating and cramping no matter what she ate! As time went on she became even more fatigued as her adrenal glands crashed due to chronic stress during her young adulthood during the many life transitions she went through during her 20’s.

As time went on she noticed that she began to gain a significant amount of weight. No matter what she ate or how much she exercised, it did not come off.

Finally, during her initial visit with me, I suspected that her thyroid levels...

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Eczema – that annoying itch!

Eczema is chronic inflammation of the skin which is caused by inflammation. The inflammation can be due to irritants or allergens topically/environmentally or internally through the digestive system. Often I find that if I can heal the GI tract and the digestive system, and eliminate food and environmental allergens, I can have a concurrent positive effect upon the skin.

So what causes inflammation? Well, from my training and decades of clinical experience, mainly stress and food intolerances/allergies and poor digestion due to the microbiome of the GI tract being affected. This same mechanism of action is often also the culprit in asthma, arthritis, IBD, etc.   Actually it has been shown that people who had a lot of eczema which was treated with topical corticosteroids are more susceptible to later in their life developing asthma , arthritis or other inflammatory condition.

Naturopathic medicine is adept at dealing with inflammatory conditions using diet changes,...

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Naturally Healthy Skin

skin health Sep 23, 2014

I am asked frequently how one can better support skin health. Skin tends to age faster in hot, dry, sunny Colorado, as well as increase your risk of developing skin cancer. While there are a myriad of topical creams, sunscreens and toners out there, and I recommend that you use a good one such as Dr. Haushka’s, I am going to shed light on nutritional support for your skin. The first thing I recommend is that everyone take a high quality fish oil. Fish oils contain high levels of DHA and EPA which promote skin as well as brain health.I recommend a product with at least 2000 i.u. of omega 3 activity pre daily dose. It is important to use a high quality fish oil that has been properly purified to eliminate any possible heavy metal or toxin contamination. Feel free to call me or email me for any recommendations. For vegans and vegetarians who don’t like to use any animal products, flax seed oil can be a good substitute, though it won’t help brain function the way fish...

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