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These are companies and products that I recommend.

1.  Fullscript

Fullscript is an online pharmacy that I recommend.   I recommend Fullscript because it is a safe and convenient source for professional-grade products.  
To shop or to purchase, click on the image or you can CLICK HERE to be transferred to the Fullscript website.   At the site, enter in your email address and click on Submit.


2.  Kettle and Fire - Bone Broth Company

I am thrilled to be working with Kettle and Fire, a bone broth company! I often recommend making bone broth to many of my patients for health conditions such as cancer treatment support, gut healing, chronic fatigue and many autoimmune diseases. Nothing beats making your own fresh broth! Yet when we are undergoing a serious health challenge, we may be too overwhelmed, fatigued, or time crunched to make our own broth on a daily basis. Kettle and Fire has developed a shelf stable bone both product for those times when time and energy are in short supply!

You can now order it HERE!