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Running on Empty? Help for SIBO-D

Barbara was very very sick. She was having bad diarrhea 10-15 times per day. She was feeling wiped out and isolated as she was too sick to go out. Working was nearly impossible as she could barely concentrate due to severe brain fog not to mention the multiple trips to the bathroom.  She had already taken 2 rounds of antibiotics with no change and this constant chronic diarrhea had been going on for months. She had already seen her doctor multiple times and there had been no change in her health , which was really sad because she actually liked her doctor. She was also suffering from intense bloating which made her look 6 months pregnant. “It feels like something is alive in there!” she told me as she cried in my office.

Chronic diarrhea is almost always caused by either an infectious agent, a chemical agent (chemotherapy)  or a reaction to foods. Her doctor had taken a stool sample but I thought that perhaps the test was not sensitive enough to detect the...

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