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Dr Tara Skye Goldin Health Hacks
Inflammation vs. Resilience. Which will you Choose? adiposity autoimmune blood sugar carbs environmental pollution exercise inflammation insulin lyme mold oxidative stress resilience sleep strength training Jan 24, 2022

By now it should be no secret that Inflammation and Resilience have an inverse relationship to each other. 

This video discusses the things that increase your inflammation and dampen your resilience, and what you can do about that. 

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Carbs- Stem the Tide of Expansion adiposity carbohydrates carbs cortisol diabetes insulin seasonal affective disorder seratonin stress Dec 02, 2021

This video explains why we crave carbs more as the days get shorter in the winter. And how the holidays often do us no favors in this regard.  Also  how stress and cortisol spikes contribute physiologically to carb cravings. 

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