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The Dark Side of Body Positivity

adiposity cancer diabetes heart disease infections joint pain metabolic syndrome Feb 07, 2022

I am all about being positive and loving your body by feeding it healthy food, allowing for enough sleep, and getting exercise. 

I also am all too aware that media has portrayed a skewed and unrealistic image of what the standard is for beauty these days. This distortion disproportionately affects young girls and adolescents as they struggle with body image and fuels an epidemic of eating disorders. 

Sadly some people misinterpret the Body Positivity movement to mean that you can eat whatever you want and be whatever size you are with total disregard to the repercussions of making poor lifestyle choices.

My issue with this is that it is well known and documented that obesity contributes to higher rates of Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome, joint pain and problems as well as making you a target for certain infections. 

So how do we find the balance? Watch this video to learn more about what I think about this issue.