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Addicted to Sugar?

Just because you and your family are staying away from excess sugar consumption doesn’t mean that you have to miss all of the fun! Here are a few suggestions so that you can still enjoy life and have things that “everyone else has”.

1. ” Buy back” your child’s Halloween candy from trick or treating and use the money to get them a special toy instead. Your child can still go trick or treating with his or her friends and even enjoy collecting all of the candy, but instead of eating it, they use it to get something else that will last (hopefully) and won’t harm them.

2. Try using a small (and I mean small) amount of stevia (from chrysanthemums!) to sweeten foods and in baking .

3. If the stevia is not a hit (it can be a little bitter) try these natural sweeteners such as agave (from cactus) or real maple sugar which lave a lower glycemic index and therefore won’t spike the blood sugar as much.

4. If you are craving sugar, it could be a sign that you are not eating enough protein. So for example if you are wanting a cookie, eat a piece of chicken (natural , free range) first instead. Then if you still want the cookie, have a small piece instead of the whole thing.

4. Eating a whole piece of fresh fruit is preferable to dried fruit or juice as it contains less sugar and more fiber which slows the absorption of the sugar into your bloodstream.

5. Watch for emotional eating. Tune into your body and see if you are trying to stuff an uncomfortable emotion such as anger, sadness, stress, or tension. Ask yourself what would REALLY help you to feel better, (a long run? a talk? a hug?) the long term goal of great health and energy, or the fleeting satisfaction of that treat?

6. Hydrate well with good pure (not tap) water instead of soda pop. Sodas are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup which is implicated in developing diabetes and drinking 1 can per day can pack 15 pounds of fat onto your body per year!

7. Avoid artificial sweeteners. Studies have shown that aside from their unknown and possibly dangerous effects on the body, people who use these products don’t ever lose weight!

8. Associate yourselves with others who share your good nutritional views. Have healthy food potlucks, insist your children’s schools teach nutrition and stock healthy alternatives to candy and soda pop. Be a role model of a healthy lifestyle for your children. Create community with others with a shared value of health.



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