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Support Your Lungs, Support Your Breath

lung health Oct 16, 2013

The Autumn seasonal change is a optimal time to support your lungs. Actually any time is a good time to support your lungs since it is after all a vital organ. But this time of year is especially beneficial since the lung energy is amplified. Here are some tips on how you may support your lung health.

1. Breathe. Breathing of course oxygenates your tissues and our bodies cannot function without it. Certain chest opening yoga postures and backbends can help to improve and increase lung capacity thus increasing the amount of oxygen received in each breath. A simple one is to lay the on your back with a bolster under your thoracic area and breathe. Also being aware of how deeply you are breathing. It is all too easy to breathe shallowly when you are stressed and working at your desk or computer. Which brings me to… 

2. Exercise. One should engage in some sort of aerobic activity that increases blood flow, increases the heart rate and causes you to sweat a bit. This will help increase your oxygen capacity while exercising and strengthening your heart and lungs. If you have been very sedentary please work into an exercise routine slowly and seek professional help with coaching or any medical issues prior to beginning.

3. Identify and eliminate any food allergens from your diet. See article in this issue. Food allergies can trigger asthma attacks and certain foods such as cow dairy can increase mucous production in the lungs which could exacerbate a lung condition.

4. Avoid environmental airborne toxins that may trigger an allergy attack. Pollens, dust, molds, pollutants, solvents, pesticides, and other household chemicals and formaldehydes etc all fall under this category. Household remodels and the dust and particulates that they put into the air are a prime cause of chronic lung irritation

5. Ventilate your work area well. Sick building syndrome is a very real concern with some of the modern buildings where windows do not even open.

6. Emote. Instead of suppressing all emotions, identify and process them. Again remember that the lungs weep what the eyes cannot. If you think that you suppress emotions on a regular basis journaling may be a safe way to identify them. Counseling also helps to deal with emotional stress. IF you are one of those people who has a hard time allowing yourself to cry and you need to cry, watch sad movies. Which brings us to…

7. Stress management. Yoga, meditation, massage also help to relieve stress in the body. This can also aid in clearing out negative emotions.

8. Drink lots of water. I usually recommend 64 oz per day. Adequate hydration helps to thin mucous which also is important in any lung or respiratory condition. Be well.



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