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Avoid and Prevent Winter Weight Gain!

nutrition weight loss women's health Nov 20, 2013

It is very common in northern latitudes for the average American to gain from 2 – 10 pounds each winter especially during the holidays when there are more parties and gatherings centered around food. Here are a few tips to prevent winter weight gain from compromising your health goals this winter season.

1. Fill your plate 1/2 to 3/4 with salad or braised greens. This is the best way to avoid overeating all of those carbs and fats at parties and potlucks that happen over the holidays.

2. Stay active. It may be time to retreat to a more indoor venue for your exercise, especially if the temperature is, say 5 below! Even though running on a treadmill or a versiclimber is not as much fun as cycling the trails or going on a nice hike, it will stave off depression and help melt away those extra pounds. Or better yet, try a more vigorous yoga class such as ashtanga style. Once the mercury climbs to a more comfortable 20-30 degrees skiing is always an option for those like myself who dislike the extreme cold.

3. Eat more protein, veggies ,fruits, whole grains and nuts and avoid overdoing the simple carbohydrates and the saturated fats. Avoid highly processed snack foods. Staying active actually reinforces healthy food cravings and thus you are more likely to make better food choices.

4. Drink plenty of purified water.

5. Take a good multivitamin, fish oil. cal/mag and probiotics. This will help to keep your body healthy and energetic so that you are not unduly craving sugars and fats and so the inner wisdom of your body can guide you to a nutritionally intelligent choice.

6. Practice stress management. Say no to buying those junky toys and running all over own for the holiday shopping experience. Instead choose a few quality items. Meditate, practice yoga , eat well and get enough sleep. And to all of my student patients: Pace yourself so that final exams are not so arduous. Blessings and happy new year!