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Anti-Aging Tips for the Longevity Lifestyle

aging Aug 07, 2013

Here are a few of my favorite anti-aging tips:

1. Manage your stress well. High cortisol levels contribute to cellular oxidative stress and weight gain as well as sleep disturbances. Sleep disturbances will interfere with cellular rest and repair. So high levels of stress and unhappiness contributes more to aging than almost any other factor.

2. Limit your intake of refined carbohydrates and sugars. High carb intake can contribute to insulin resistance and weight gain as one ages which can predispose one to Type 2 Diabetes which contributes to many other health problems as well.

3. Avoid exposure to toxins internal as well as external. Avoid tobacco smoke, alcohol, preservatives, plastic water bottles, paints and solvents and pollutants as much as possible. Always try to eat organic foods as much as possible.

4. Eat high density nutritious foods such as wild salmon, dark green leafy vegetables, dark blue and red berries, beets. A more colorful plate will give you a good sampling of many beneficial antioxidants.

5. Eat mostly plants (fruits and veggies) with good lean clean protein such as wild salmon, organic eggs, organic chicken, goat cheese.

6. Exercise. The late Dr. Bill Mitchell once said to our class while we were in school that “if your body is not exercising every day, then you are dying”. Of course overexercising can also have its dangers, but a good active lifestyle will keep your muscle mass strong, help to improve and maintain bone density, improve circulation and digestion, improve and stabilize your brain chemistry and function, relief stress, improve your libido, as well as helping to manage stress. Keep moving!

7. Rest and repose. Good deep relaxation is also key to longevity. Massage, yoga, and meditation are keys to reaching this deep state.

8. Drink lots of good pure water per day to help with hydration and keeping those detoxification pathways open.

9. This almost is a repeat of some of the above items, but maintain a healthy optimal weight. Being overweight taxes and burdens your heart, your joints as well as every other major organ system. Overweight is also a contributing factor to Type 2 Diabetes (see above). I offer a great weight loss program in my practice for those who may need to address this health issue. Live long and prosper!



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