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Breast Health Tips

cancer hormone balancing women's health Apr 16, 2014

Here are a few general tips for breast health.

1. Eat and drink organic. Pesticides and herbicides mimic estrogen in the body, thus increasing breast cancer risk. If you live in an agricultural area , it may be a good idea to detoxify every spring.

2. Drink at least 8 -8 oz glasses of purified water every day. Water helps to flush out the lymph system in your body and also helps to flush out the toxins.

3. Practice yoga every day. Postures that work on shoulder girdle and chest flexibility such as downward dog and back bends with the arms over the head will help to flush the lymphatic system and prevent toxins from accumulating in the breast area.

4. Eat plenty of foods from the cabbage and broccoli family which also includes brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, collard greens. These contain compounds such as DIM and SGS that help prevent cancer and also help the body to detoxify and break down exogenous estrogens.

5. Get regular screening. Early detection can make a huge difference in the invasiveness of  treatments needed as well as progression and prognosis of the disease.

6. Avoid tobacco and alcohol. Women who smoke , are exposed to second hand smoke and who drink alcohol have higher rates of breast cancer.

7. Get plenty of exercise regularly. Women who get regular exercise also have lower rates of breast cancer, possibly due to its detoxifying and stress reducing effects.

8. Maintain a healthy weight.  Overweight women have higher incidences of breast cancer than normal weight women.