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Naturopathic Cancer Care
(Naturopathic Oncology)

Dr. Goldin has taken many hours of continuing education in Naturopathic Cancer Care and is a member of OncANP, the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians. Naturopathic Oncology is defined as supportive care for those undergoing cancer treatment as well as those post-treatment patients hoping to prevent a recurrence. She continues to stay abreast of the latest research involving drug/herb interactions and takes a well researched approach.

Our aim is to work safely and effectively in conjunction with allopathic cancer care. We learn about drug and supplement reactions, i.e. which nutrients and herbs are safe to use with particular cancer drugs and which are not. This is crucial and nuanced information to have access to. Naturopathic medicine has a lot to offer in the realm in managing side effects to chemo, surgery and radiation as well as nutritional strategies to help suppress tumor growth. Patients in Colorado usually see Registered Naturopathic Doctors with the oncology specialty for adjunctive cancer care outside of the hospital setting.

The following issues can be worked with:

  • Maintaining good nutrition during chemo and radiation,
  • repairing the gut which can be damaged during treatment,
  • preventing cachexia and maintaining muscle mass,
  • working with neuropathy from treatment,
  • ChemoBrain Fog,
  • Post treatment fatigue,
  • improving your chances of avoiding recurrance,
  • enhancing recovery from surgery.

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