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Functional Medicine and Lab Testing Services


Are you wondering if you annual bloodwork is giving you a complete picture of your health?

Does your standard bloodwork always come back “fine”, yet you don’t feel well, have health issues, and want to look further into how to feel well again?

Are you wondering what your next step is to put together the pieces of your health puzzle?

Are you wanting to work with someone who understands how to support your journey back to health?

Boulder Naturopath Dr. Goldin offers and interprets numerous functional medicine tests to aid her in developing a uniquely tailored treatment plan for your individual condition and situation, as well as offering up the conventional medical tests. Functional Medicine Testing is valuable in that it can detect nuanced information that may be missed in conventional testing. This information can point the way to a more successful treatment plan because it picks up subtleties that can make or break the success of a treatment plan for your health and healing journey.

Many of Dr. Goldin’s patients have seen numerous practitioners, from the conventional to the “alternative” trying to improve their health. She excels at uncovering and treating the cause of your chronic health conditions.

These functional medicine tests include, but are not limited to (since functional medicine testing is always evolving):

  • CDSA – Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis ( or GI Effects Test)
  • Food Allergy Testing (IgG as well as IgE testing)
  • Environmental Allergy Testing
  • Genetic testing for metabolic markers and susceptibilities
  • Complete Hormone Testing ( Female, Male, Adrenal and their metabolism)
  • Estrogen Metabolism (can detect metabolite markers that may increase cancer risk)
  • Oxidative Stress ( how well the body breaks down toxins and how to support detoxification)
  • Nutri-Eval (detailed information about nutritional status and deficiencies of numerous vitamins, minerals, neurotransmitter balance and amino acids)
  • Bacterial Overgrowth of the Small Intestine
  • Can refer for Cardiac Testing such as EBCT and Carotid Artery Scanning at a discount if you go through my office.


Food Allergy Testing


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