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Some Myths and Frequently Asked Questions About Naturopathic Medicine

My degree is from Bastyr University. My coursework included a full year of Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, Nutrition, and Human Dissection.

My school required pre-med coursework to be completed before entry just like any other medical school. In fact, the first 2 years of Naturopathic Medical Schools are identical to the first 2 years of M.D. medical schools. ND’s have completed 8 years of Dept. of Education approved coursework.

I am a medical professional. None of that goes on in my office!

We are different from M.D.’s. Even the ones who may occasionally recommend “natural” remedies. We are trained to focus on the core of your health, which is the health of your digestive system, your nutrition, as well as identification and elimination of food allergens from your diet. By healing the gut and improving nutrition, MANY chronic, health conditions including autoimmune disorders dramatically improve.

M.D’s are an important part of America’s healthcare for acute emergency situations such as needing to remove an inflamed , infected appendix. N.D’s EXCEL at preventing serious illness using the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

We do this through nutrition, elimination of food allergens, proper detoxification and supporting proper functioning of your body’s organs of elimination, healing a leaky and inflamed gut, balancing the endocrine system, and using botanicals, vitamins, and homeopathy when needed.

M.D.’s can save your life in an acute emergency situation. N.D.’s can work with serious illnesses in a non-acute, non-emergency situation. We often work together with M.D’s to monitor your condition, and we know through our extensive training when to refer. N.D’s can help improve many serious health conditions such as asthma, chronic inflammatory conditions, migraine headaches, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune diseases, prediabetes, and more. Under my care, many patients, have safely reduced their levels of many prescription medications in tandem with their M.D. as their health has improved.
We complement M.D. care as well as going deeper and taking you to a higher level of health!

Many of my patients do show up in my practice as a “last resort” and their health is improved. However why wait until you are that ill to take control of your own health? Why not start now with wellness care?

Actually… YES!!!! As of June 1st, 2014, all practicing Registered Naturopathic Doctors in the state of Colorado must be registered with DORA in the state of Colorado. Dr. Goldin is a Registered Registered Naturopathic Doctor in the State of Colorado .

As with any medical practitioner, you need to be responsible for your choice of who you trust with your health care. Rest assured, that NDs are an accredited, talented and important part of our healthcare system. We do not practice quackery. The Naturopathic industry is gaining relevance and acceptance among more traditional MD’s and combined with each philosophy’s best practices, we, together provide the best in healthcare for you and your family. My credentials are available on my “About” page as well as on the CoAND (Colorado Association of Registered Naturopathic Doctors, my professional state association) website. (

Homeopathy is a branch of natural medicine that takes into account a person’s mental, emotional, and physical symptoms when choosing a medicine. It is a brancb of natural medicine.

Not all homeopaths are also naturopaths, and not all naturopaths are also homeopaths. I happen to be both.

I do not bill insurance, however I can furnish you with any forms that you will need to file a claim with your insurance company. Patients are able to use their HSA, and flex or cafeteria plans to cover my services

Naturopathic medicine is much less expensive than conventional medicine when you factor in everything: the illnesses you will prevent as well as improvements to your energy, overall health and productivity. And if you compare cost per visit of an ND with cost per visit of an MD, you will still come out ahead by choosing naturopathic.

During the first visit we spend about an hour and a half talking. I take a very thorough history so that I can find out what makes you unique in your body, mind and spirit. I like to say that I do not treat diseases, I treat individual people who may have completely different causes to their very similar appearing disease.

I may do some physical examination as indicated, and I may recommend further laboratory testing so I can more clearly understand what is happening in your particular body. I may make protocol recommendations from that initial visit, or I may wait until I receive more information to recommend a protocol.

Follow up visits may be about discussing lab results, discussing and following up on dietary changes , effects of homeopathic remedies and supplements, monitoring progress and adjusting our protocol. Typical patients see me once per month until they are satisfied with their health improvements. I may see a patient more or less frequently as their condition indicates.


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