Dr Goldin's Self-Regulating Techniques for Your Digestive System

Stress is very toxic to our bodies because it negatively affects our body's nervous system's ability to self regulate. 

In our society, stress is a fact of life and it is not practical to think you can always avoid it. The solution is to learn how to manage it and to calm yourself when you feel you are getting stressed and when your body is telling you that you are stressed.

In response and to support you, I have created 3 x videos to demonstrate three of my favorite breathing techniques you can use to calm your digestive system  and to allow your parasympathetic nervous system to do what it is designed to do.  These effective breathing techniques you can do on demand at any time to help you relax, self-regulate and to manage stress! You are welcome to watch these videos as often as you like in order to learn the techniques.

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These video demonstrations are excerpted from my online. self-study course called Freedom To Heal.


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