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Are you...

Sick and Tired of Feeling Tired?

Do you have chronic health issues and NEED to make diet and lifestyle changes?

Do you repeatedly SABOTAGE your diet and your food plan?

It doesn't matter what therapeutic diet you want to stick with: Paleo, Keto, SCD, or the unicorn-and-rainbows cleanse (that's the new one, right?).

You know you should eat what gives?
Why can't you turn down that chocolate-hazelnut gelato, even though it gives you a tummy ache every single time?
Why is it so embarrassing to ask the waiter to double-check that there's no gluten in your entree?
And how can you eat well when what that means to you keeps changing?

Eating for health should feel like love.    Not punishment.
I've seen too many smart, good-hearted people fail miserably at therapeutic diets.
Because their diet feels like "Food Jail".
Or nobody taught them the simple cooking-and-organizational skills to make it all easy and fun.
OR...and this happens most of all... the social and emotional hurdles are just too high.

Freedom to Heal will give you the practical, emotional, and social tools to stick with the right diet for you - and to feed your health.
(Even when your Aunt Belinda waves her famous mac 'n cheese under your nose).

Because sticking with a restricted diet is harder than it sounds.  But there are ways to make it (and your whole life) easier and more fun.

What you eat isn't just's power.

Whether you are navigating a Holiday dinner party, cruising the grocery aisles, or wowing your doc at your next checkup, one thing is for sure: 

Today, more people than ever are turning to therapeutic diets for deep healing and vibrant energy.
Maybe your doctor just urged you to limit your carbs so that you nip diabetes in the bud.
Or perhaps you feel amazing when you stick to Paleo (but keep falling off of that wagon).
Or maybe you've been Sherlocking your way to the root of food allergies and inflammation for years now.

Freedom to Heal -The Goldin Path

Join this empowering, online 8-module  program that will provide achievable, proven results via online videos and worksheets.  This self-study program is designed to help you:

- find your flow with food
- get to your desired weight
- eliminate bloating and gas related to IBS
- reclaim your life in a holistic way. 

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I know. I have experienced all of this.

My name is Tara Skye Goldin. I am a Naturopathic Doctor in Boulder Colorado. My life story has been steeped in gut health issues. I was born to be an expert in gut health and nutrition, not by choice, but by necessity.  When I was young, I was smaller and shorter than my friends and I was always sick with gut issues, IBS, stomach aches, poor endurance,  fatigue, and brain fog.  As a child, I was often fighting a cold, flu, or tonsillitis.

Our family doctor always prescribed antibiotics.  So, by the time I hit puberty, I had taken multiple doses of antibiotics several times per year.

Due to the constant barrage of antibiotics on my poor intestines, I often had stomach aches and either constipation or diarrhea.  I had a weak appetite and only wanted to eat sugar and junk food.  Later, I didn’t even want that anymore. I was withering away! I looked emaciated.

in 1995 I discovered that I had many food allergies and leaky gut issues.  Eventually I realized that I had high susceptibility to celiac disease.   As a result,

I experimented with many diets: vegetarian and vegan (20 years!). I added animal protein back into my diet in 1995 and added even more during pregnancy and lactation.  I finally took a food allergy test and eliminated the offending foods plus gluten and saw a significant improvement in my health.

I decided to make this my life purpose...helping other people suffering from the same.  I graduated from a Naturopathic medical school, Bastyr University, where I learned about nutrition, supplements, and herbal medicine along with the science that people learn in a traditional medical school. After graduating, I began seeing patients and noticed that I seemed to have a knack for helping the patients who were suffering from autoimmune and inflammation issues. 

Today I can say that I have a lot of experience in my personal life navigating trying to explain to my family what I am doing to heal myself dietarily as well as going through the emotional issues that naturally surround making lifestyle and diet changes. I have experienced ALL of them at one time or another so I come to you with both experience as a clinician helping people transition to a more healthful food plan for themselves as well as my own journey to more vibrant health.

So...what's DIFFERENT about this course?

First of all, I understand what you are going through.   I suffered from food allergies and IBS for most of my life.   Today I have more energy than I did 20 years ago, I climb Colorado 14ers during the summer months, and regularly hike, dance, and practice yoga, all while raising a family and running my practice! 

Secondly, Freedom to Heal is not just a discussion of diets or your physical body because that approach by itself does not work.   Free To Heal is an in-depth look at ALL of the layers of you including the EMOTIONAL you, the SOCIAL you and the PHYSICAL you, and then gives you PRACTICAL tools based on all of you to stick with the right diet for you —  and feed your health...without pharmaceuticals.

Freedom to Heal looks at the WHOLE enchilada of sticking with a therapeutic diet:

  • The emotional layer - How do you deal with self-sabotage and resistance? What if the foods you have to cut out represented comfort, stress relief, or reward?
  • The practical layer - Yes, Virginia, you really can learn how to organize your kitchen, calendar, and meal prep. (In fact? This is crucial.)
  • The social layer - From annoying coworkers who think they know better than your doc to the passive aggressive mother-in-laws, other people are perhaps the biggest threat to your therapeutic diet. That’s why I’ll teach you exactly what you can say in sticky situations, so you can be sovereign over your own health.
  • The physical layer - This isn’t a science-heavy program (there are plenty of those out there!), but you will learn some un-shaming facts about why sugar is so addictive (especially when you’re stressed), how to soothe your nervous system, and the smartest ways to reintroduce foods after periods of restriction.

Plus, you’ll learn the crucial difference between inner discipline and outer discipline … and how to cultivate the one you need, now.

After all, eating well isn’t just about what’s on your plate.

It’s about having the energy to chase your grandkids around the park.

It’s what lets you attack that mountain (or mountain of work) with breath to spare, because you didn’t eat Wheaties this morning (but the healthy, home-cooked food that actually makes you look, feel, and move amazing).

Eating well lets you beam at your next checkup. Walk into the mall without immediately scanning for the nearest bathroom like a Navy SEAL on a mission.

It’s putting a long weekend with your sweetie on your calendar without worrying, “will I be too flared up to enjoy it?”

You deserve vibrant, glowing health.

And if a therapeutic diet is part of that prescription?


Freedom to Heal is here to help.

What You Will Happy Dance Away With:

  • Feel more healthy, vibrant, and energized because you know how to stick with the diet that works for you
  • Understand your resistance and why you keep “falling off the wagon” with food — even if it’s from wayyyy back in your childhood
  • No more wheedling and apologizing about substitutions at restaurants or family gatherings: feel confident simply stating what you need
  • Uncover your Big Why behind nutrition, so you can return to it when the going gets tough
  • Learn how to make your therapeutic diet feel like self-love, not punishment
  • Develop new, healthier strategies for stress relief and rewards (ahem, NOT ice cream)
  • Take charge of your food, your health, and your future
  • Make friends with food, so it stops feeling like an indecipherable enemy and more like your ally for health
  • Break out of “Food Jail” and reframe your therapeutic diet as a gateway to your amazing life of adventures. YES!!
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Plus, get these bonus gifts:

1. How to Stop a Binge: Tara’s video interview with Nutritionist Margo Gasta, DCNc, RD, CCH

2. What to do in a flare-up Cheat Sheet
Because accidents happen, flare-ups suck, and sometimes it’s hard to remember how to feel better when you’re in the thick of it. Here’s exactly what I tell my patients to do, on the practical and emotional side.

3. The 7 common mistakes people make on Paleo (and what to do instead). Because too many people think, “Paleo didn’t work for me” when really, they did it wrong.

4. Gratitude + Affirmations
Because an attitude of gratitude helps the healing.

5.  My entire e-book on gut health, diets, IBS, SIBO, etc

What is in the Freedom to Heal Course?

  • What the big hooplah about therapeutic diets is (and why they’re worth your time)
  • The big benefits of a restricted diet, all in one handy-dandy spot, to give you a mega-dose of inspiration
  • Your big why: because “I’d kinda like to feel better” won’t cut it when you’re face-to-face with your Grandma’s country fried steak
  • When your diet feels like “Food Jail,” how to break free. This reframe is KEY!
  • The difference between “inner discipline” and “outer discipline” and how to make the shift so your diet doesn’t feel like punishment
  • Flowing structure, not rigidity: how to set yourself up for success, no matter what specific diet you’re following.
  • Changing your diet can be so stressful! That’s why I’ll teach you a number of calming, soothing techniques, to keep you grounded and Zen as you go through this program and go out into the world.
  • Understand the two branches of your nervous system and your fight-flight-freeze responses, so you can stay calm in the face of food cravings or annoying coworkers.
  • Learn a simple, 15-minute yoga sequence to calm your nerves and keep you happily embodied
  • Learn simple breathing techniques like alternate nostril breathing and “breath of tranquility” that you can rely on anytime you get stressed.
  • Identify your “secret inheritance”: the messages about food you received from your family, lineage, and culture, so they don’t hold back your healing
  • Discover all the emotional ways you relate to food (we ALL do!): as stress relief, reward, and comfort, so you can change your diet without feeling so emotionally deprived
  • Trace your personal food history, from childhood on up, so you can place this new chapter of your life in a healthy, joyful context
  • Understand why emotions and food go together (there are physical reasons for this!) so you have self-compassion when things get tough
  • Learn the most common forms of self-sabotage people bring to changing their diet (including “I’m not worthy” — these run so deep!)
  • Do a simple, gentle ritual to let go of your Reasons Why Not, and make your therapeutic diet an act of self-care and self-love
  • Hear the voice of your Inner Child and learn how to comfort her (without ice cream and potato chips)
  • Defeat the victim mentality (in all its subtle, nefarious disguises) so you can feel empowered as you stick with your diet
  • Befriend your Inner Rebel and get her on YOUR side
  • Learn what to do when you’re angry, impatient, stressed out, and hungry
  • Understand orthorexia (when healthy eating turns into an unhealthy obsession) and how to make sure you’re not falling victim to it.
  • Get tips on how to decide which kind of dietary approach is right for you (with guidance from your health team, of course!)
  • Learn the difference between Paleo, keto, AIP, SCD, and other popular therapeutic diets
  • Understand which diet might be best for your specific health needs, along with resources and tips
  • Why you MUST learn to love cooking at home — and how to get there (If I can do it, you can!!)
  • Learn simple-but-powerful organizational tips so you can stop suffering from FBTSOYP Syndrome (Fly By The Seat Of Your Pants Syndrome), which derails approximately 83.7% of therapeutic diets
  • Get simple tips to fire up your focus and discipline
  • Learn how to stick to your diet on vacation or when your schedule changes (these are the most common times for slip-ups and SNAFU’s!)
  • Follow the money: healthy eating often costs more. How do you deal with that? And how do you keep costs as low as possible?
  • How to deal with Negative Nancies and Unhelpful Hals (and just generally unpleasant people) who don’t support your healing diet
  • Get fun, specific skits and scripts for social situations, so you’re not tongue-tied when it counts
  • Learn how to deal with “c’mon, just one bite” or “but it’s my birthday!!” situations
  • Get help for when your sweetie or best friend doesn’t understand or support your diet
  • How to deal with potlucks, picnics, and family dinners (including the “oops, I put a spoonful of flour in there, but that won’t hurt you will it??” nightmare)
  • How to find and create your new support team of healers and friends (this is NOT to be underestimated!)
  • How to reintroduce foods or transition out of a therapeutic diet (if that’s part of your plan)
  • How to deal if “just one” is too much (or you need to stick with your therapeutic diet for life)
  • Sleep, stress reduction, movement, and more: round out your healthy lifestyle with more than just food.

Treat yourself to Freedom to Heal and you’ll get:

All 8 modules of the course, outlined above. Chock-full of teachings, relatable stories, interactive exercises, and videos, so you get the insight and tools you need to stay the course. Plus: go through ‘em at your own pace and revisit anytime, since they’re yours to keep for years to come (just like that spring in your step)

  • Tara’s video library of yoga sequences, breathing practices, and self-regulation techniques. Because changing your diet can be stressful!!!!!! Deep breath. I’m better now.
  • Skits and scripts of exactly what to say in sticky social situations from your sweetie wheedling that you can surely have “just one bite” to that annoying “expert” in your office who LOUDLY thinks you should just eat “everything in moderation.”

Each module contains teaching stories, reflection prompts, interactive exercises, and tips that’ll make it easier than ever to stick to the diet that makes you feel best.

Feel free to go through the program at your own pace. The live components (the group coaching calls and Facebook group) last 10 weeks, but you’ll have access to the program forever. So take your time with the exercises and revisit the goodness whenever you need to.

Plus, I know the last thing you need when you’re brain foggy and tired and feeling awful is more dry and boring nutrition talk. That’s why every module is loaded up with humor and personal reflections. Just like if you were sitting in my office.*

Here is what other students say

I recently took Dr. Tara Skye Goldin's online course "Freedom to Heal".  Tara did a wonderful job of educating us about healing diets and how to avoid the pitfalls that cause us to fall off the wagon. I have been struggling for years with staying on a healthy diet, and as I get older it is even more important for me to eat very healthy. My pattern has been to be on a restrictive healthy diet, lose weight, and then eventually go back to unhealthy patterns, usually triggered by an emotional or physical setback. She did monthly calls online so that the participants could share their experiences and ask questions. Those were very helpful. There are a number of modules in the course with many videos and homework assignments designed to help us get in touch with what our issues are around food - emotional triggers, past family influences around food, discovering our real motivation for eating very healthy. It is very challenging in a world surrounded by temptations of sugar and junk food.  Thank you Tara for putting so much amazing content into this course.  (AG:  long time acupuncturist in Boulder)

"This course was very supportive of my staying on my healthy diet plan."

"I am more secure and comfortable on the diet."

"So much good content.    Thank you for the great work!"

Frequently Asked Questions + Answers:

Absolutely! Most people underestimate the emotional, practical, and social components of shifting their diets, don’t get the proper tools and education around them, and then blame themselves when they get derailed. Madness! Changing your diet is no small feat (even when you KNOW it’s good for you). That’s why I’ve poured the very best emotional support I know of into this program — because this is a conversation most people simply aren’t having.

Yep! There’s room and reason for all different nutritional approaches here. As long as you’re eating to feel better — whatever that looks like for YOU — this program will help you work through the emotional resistance, practical concerns, and social wonkiness that derail people from ALL different therapeutic diets. So: come one, come all!

Yep! It takes many of us years to figure out the best way for us to eat. It’s often a process of experimenting and fine-tuning. You’ll find support for this very process here, because it can be really frustrating and take a ton of patience. No matter where you’re at in your journey with food, you’ll find support here.


Not exactly. Dietary changes should always be supervised by a healing professional, and since I can’t see you in my office, do a full intake, and review relevant testing, I can’t make recommendations for dietary interventions. You will find a breakdown of some of the most common nutritional approaches to healing, with a list of what conditions they’re commonly prescribed for, how to follow them, and resources to learn more. But this is for your information only, not to replace medical advice.

Yep, you’re bonkers, call the nuthouse. KIDDING!! This is actually way more common than you might believe. In my experience, we all have parts of us that resist change, even positive change. And some of us feel deep down that we don’t deserve to ask for meal substitutions … or even to feel healthy and happy! Resistance like this is the hidden cause behind so many people’s dietary “failures.” This program will gently lead you to the roots of your resistance, so you can address it, change it, and heal on an even deeper level. Long-term.

In some ways, it’s easier to give up smoking than to change your diet. After, all, you don’t have to keep doing it, 3 times a day — you just stop! (Of course, giving up smoking is super hard and super important and if you’ve done it or want to, my hat is off to you!!) My point is: we still have to eat multiple times a day, so we’re confronted with decision after decision. Plus, food means so much more to us than just calories and nutrients: it’s comfort, it’s family, it’s reward and abundance and what your Mom made when you got an A on your science fair project. In short: it makes total sense that you can’t just “willpower” your way to changing your diet. It takes more than that. It takes the kind of self-reflection and tools you’ll find in this course.


Join Free to Heal and learn the emotional, practical, and social skills *nobody’s* talking about that’ll make the difference between spiralling out into a deep-fried shame puddle… and moving confidently and joyfully towards your best, healthiest life.

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