Dr Goldin's Self-Regulating Techniques 

These videos are excellent for self-regulation to calm and help heal your nervous system and your digestive system. A great companion to SIBO and IBS treatments. 

These video demonstrations are excerpted from my online. self-study course called Freedom To Heal.


Technique 3:  Breath of Tranquility

This breathing technique is best used for when you want calming and relaxing. Using this technique can slow down your heart rate, calm anxiety and fears, and can even out moods and irritability. Stimulate your rest and repair cycles, increase mental clarity and reduce fight, flight, and freeze responses. 


Technique 2:  Alternate Nose Breathing

This technique helps to balance and integrate the 2 hemispheres of your brain to help you cope with anxiety, depression and other negative feelings and emotions.


Technique 1:  Peaceful Breath

Regulating the breath stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and vagal nerve which helps support deep relaxation. Deep relaxation supports rest, lowers cortisol levels  and helps cellular repair. Regular use of these exercises will help lower stress and inflammation and support clarity of mind, wellness and mood regulation.  

This video highlights the technique called the Breath of Fire.

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