Supporting Your Immunity During These Challenging Times

Learn what the experts and researchers say about botanicals and supplements that may be helpful during pandemic. 

This is a recording of a webinar delivered live on April 3rd 2020 to an online audience.   It is now available for you to purchase and watch at your convenience and as many times as you like.

Presented by Dr. Tara Skye Goldin
Registered Naturopathic Doctor specializing in IBS, SIBO, gut health, weight loss and digestive issues since 1990

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(includes a downloadable copy of Dr Goldin's slides plus unlimited access to the recording)

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This is what was discussed in this IMPORTANT and TIMELY webinar:

  • naturopathic approaches to prevention and treatment of viral illnesses
  • approaches to supporting and balancing  the immune system,
  • tactics beyond "wash your hands" and "social distancing",  which while crucial, don't address your own immune response,
  • the danger with COVID19 and what is known as the "Cytokine Storm" in which the inflammatory process goes haywire and can cause mortality
  • supplements that may help
  • what we are finding right now  with the spread of COVID19

At the end of the presentation we had a live Q&A with lots of questions from the attendees about immunity, health, and the virus.  

Note:  This webinar is for informational purposes only and is not meant to instruct on self treatment or to determine individual treatment for COVID19.  If you are ill, please consult your health practitioner or schedule an appointment for individualized treatment and support.

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