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Cortisol Levels and Sleep

sleep stress Mar 13, 2014

Cortisol is a major hormone among many that is released by the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands secrete our “fight or flight” hormones that we as a species evolved with so that we could outrun that sabre toothed tiger. When cortisol is released, we are on high alert. Blood rushes to the muscles, muscle tone is increased, and more glucose is released into the bloodstream. The only problem is, currently in the modern world most of our stresses have more to do with work deadlines, paying bills on time, commuting through traffic, relationship issues and picking our kids up from school on time.

We have a chronic low level of stress constantly barraging our body. Over time this chronic release of cortisol into our bloodstream can lower our immune system, increase our fatigue, disrupt sleep patterns, disrupt sugar metabolism, and increase anxiety, irritability, and depression, not to mention an increase in weight gain! Regulating cortisol levels is something we as naturopaths are expertly trained to do using various botanicals and vitamins. A nourished adrenal gland will support you in navigating life’s day to day stresses, as well as supporting your immune system and promoting proper sugar metabolism and weight control.


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