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About the MTHFr Mutation

metabolism mthfr Mar 09, 2015

According to research, approximately 45% of the population has what is known as the MTHFr mutation, with 13-15% of that population having serious effects to their health from this mutation.



What does it mean to my health if I have the MTHFr mutation?

Having the MTHFr mutation means that you cannot metabolize standard folic acid or B12 in the cyanocobalmin form and that it builds in your system and has the capacity to cause cellular damage. The good news is that quality supplement companies are now aware of this issue and are producing formulas which have folic acid in the form of L-5 methylfolate and B12 in the form of methylcobalmine which can be metabolized by those with MTHFr.

People with MTHFr mutations can also have difficulty with detoxification, otherwise known as “methylation” so are more likely to be sensitive to environmental toxins and certain pharmaceutical drugs. We all know people who have more severe reactions to environmental chemicals, medications and dietary indiscretions, and from what I have seen clinically, these individuals often carry the MTHFr mutation. Also people with MTHFr seem to have an increased risk of autoimmune diseases from what I have seen clinically. MTHFr individuals are also at an increased risk of neurotransmitter imbalances which can cause mental or emotional symptoms.

To test for this mutation I use genetic testing kits and a special computer analyzing program to interpret these tests. If you suspect that you or a loved one carries the MTHFr mutation and would like to further investigate this, please feel free to contact my office and make an appointment.

By correcting these metabolic defects early with proper nutrition and supplementation, many chronic illnesses can be avoided.



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