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The following are some of the most frequently asked questions asked about the Ultra Lite Medical Weight Loss System. If your questions are not answered here, please call us.

Tell me how this diet works.
This food plan allows you to eat real REAL healthy food using a precise ratio of proteins to carbs for your body type. This allows you to burn fat and not muscle. This is important because muscle at rest burns more calories than fat and will improve your success at maintaining your weight loss.

We will analyze and monitor the proper ratio for your body type. This results in the most effective weight loss without jeopardizing muscle mass and allowing you to achieve lifestyle changes.

Can I still eat all the foods that I like to eat, like wine and chocolate?
Of course you can, but be aware that any variations to the diet would need to be factored into the food plan and you would have to balance that with a reduction in something else to remain in the fat burning zone. There are often low carb versions of your favorite treats that can be an occasional treat. Also some of the foods not on the diet are often foods that are allergenic (cause a mild or delayed allergy) and cause you to retain water and slow your metabolism which would impede weight loss.

In order to lose weight, diet and lifestyle modifications are always necessary to do it in a healthy way.

If you have been struggling with weight loss for years, you already know that it isn’t easy. And you’re right, it’s not always easy, but I can assure you, it will be worth it.

I have been on other popular diets before and lost weight and then gained it all back. How is this diet any different?
On this diet you will burn fat and protect your lean muscle. Muscle, even at rest, burns more calories than fat does. This is why you want to protect your muscle mass. Other diet programs have you burning a little fat, a little muscle. If you lose weight by losing muscle, you diminish your fat burning engine. If you happen to gain some weight back while you are on vacation, for example, you will have a harder time losing the weight again because you have slowed down your resting metabolism.

Is this a pill? Are the meals pre-packaged?
This is a healthy food plan. You eat real healthy unprocessed food. There are no pills. You will supplement your food with a vitamin and protein powder packet that you take with hot or cold water. This helps you maintain your blood sugar and insulin levels so that you don’t have crazy hunger between meals.

You will prepare healthy meals in the proper ratios. You will be paying more attention to healthy ingredients and making food that the whole family could eat.

You are intentionally being mindful of which foods work for your body and which foods don’t.

Many of the popular prepackaged diets are filled with preservatives, chemicals and other artificial ingredients that are not healthy for you.

I will teach you how to eat properly so that you burn fat, and once you have reached your weight loss goal, I will teach you how to maintain the weight loss.

I go to a lot of parties and business meetings. Can I still do this diet?
Part of our weekly meetings can involve strategizing on how to manage the next business luncheon, or the next party. You can still eat out, though it can a bit more tricky. We can work together on how to make healthy choices at restaurants. Portion size is key here.

Often, in the case of a party, I recommend eating your meal beforehand. You won’t be hungry and no one will notice if you aren’t eating much at the party. And here is a TIP! Never say you are “on a diet”. Everyone will try to sabotage it (“Oh c’mon! It’s my birthday! Have some cake! You can diet tomorrow!”) Tell them instead that you are on a “Doctor Supervised Food Plan”. That usually gets the saboteurs to back off since for all they know, you could be diabetic or something serious like that.

How often do we get to meet to go over my progress?
During the fat loss portion of the diet we meet once per week for 20-30 minutes, and then less often as we go through the maintenance program. Phone or skype consults are available for those who are unable to make it to my office in Boulder, Colorado. We will weigh and measure progress. We can go over any issues and questions that you are having during the visit as well.

Will other people be at the weekly meetings?
No. We meet one on one, just you and I, so we can talk about your situation specifically and privately. The only time someone else may be at the meeting is if you bring them along yourself!

How fast will I lose weight?
Typical results are 1-3 lbs per week for women and 3-5 lbs per week for men if you stick with the program. And by the way, if you maintain this lifestyle, you will be able to maintain your goal weight indefinitely.

How will I know if the plan is working?
Besides how great you will feel and the changes that we will see on the scale and the measuring tape, you will also do a daily urine test at home to see whether you are burning fat or not. This is a simple non-invasive test that you do every morning in the privacy of your own bathroom using ketosticks that I give you that measure fat burning byproducts in your urine to make sure you are in ketosis, or the fat burning zone. If you are not burning fat, then we can make adjustments in the food plan.

Are there any special materials to do this diet? Are they included with the fee?
This program is all inclusive including:

  • office visits
  • phone consults if you do not live in the area
  • manuals
  • protein and vitamin packets
  • ketosticks
  • food scale
  • recipes

Everything but the food and one inexpensive potassium supplement is included in the fee. This also includes the protein and vitamin powder packets that you will take between meals to maintain your blood sugar levels, so that you have a steady energy level while preventing hunger and wacky food cravings.