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Chronic Disease Care and Management

Many, if not most Chronic Degenerative Diseases can be improved and managed well utilizing Naturopathic Medicine. In fact, this is where we excel! If you feel that you have reached a dead end with allopathic (orthodox) medical care and are looking for something else to augment and integrate with the medical care that you receive from your specialist(s), working with Dr. Goldin on your health condition is a step you want to take on your journey back to health.

Dr. Goldin utilizes nutritional therapies, offers cutting edge functional medicine and genomic testing, as well as more traditional labwork to uncover nuances in your biochemistry. She will then create a customized, individualized treatment plan uniquely for you which will work safely with any other treatments you may also be receiving. She also is available to work in conjunction with your other practitioners, if needed. Dr. Goldin does not see you as a disease but as a unique individual on your own health journey.

Many of the patients she sees have seen numerous other practitioners for their chronic conditions and sees many very complicated cases. Wherever you are on your health journey, know that with decades of practice experience, you will see improvement in your health working with Dr. Goldin.

Dr. Goldin has extensive experience treating the following conditions:

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