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Menopause: Beating Menopausal Systems
Allergic to food: Allergies can lead to serious illness
Abnormal pap results
The common cold: Now is the time to put up your defenses
Is it Time for your Annual Pap Test?
Summer Exercise
Natural Help for Allergies
Sleep, Mothers, Infrequent Bedfellows
Early Onset Bipolar Disorder


5 Myths About Naturopathic Medicine
Why Your Diet is not Working
Cervical Dysplasia


May 2014 Leaky Gut: What is it? L-Glutamine for leaky gut and more! Heal the Gut!!! (What???)

April 2014 Natural Help For Allergies, Dandelion Recipes!

February 2014 Fasting Might Boost Chemo's Cancer-Busting Properties, Ketogenic Diet May Be Effective Against Some Cancers, A Registered Naturopathic Doctor with Cancer Utilizing Naturopathic Oncology, Fragmented Sleep Accelerates Cancer Growth, Bone Broth Soup Recipes

January 2014 Depression and anxiety: Exercise eases symptoms, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Winter Greens Recipes

December 2013 Finding a Peaceful Path Through the Holidays, Avoid and Prevent Winter Holiday Weight Gain, Paleo/Low Carb Holiday Recipes

October 2013 Homeopathic Remedies for Colds and Flus, Susun Weed's Immune Support Soup, Astragalas

September 2013 How to Handle Flood Damage and Possible Mold Exposure, Homeopathic Remedies for #BoulderFlood

August 2013 Healthy School Lunch Ideas! Keeping Kids Healthy During the School Year, Tomato Recipes

Summer 2013 All About Vitamin D! Environmental Working Groups 2013 Guide to the Best Sunscreens Summer Salad Recipes

April 2013 Quercetin for Allergies, How to use Stinging Nettle as a Natural Allergy Medicine, Dandelion Recipes!, Help HB13-1111, the bill to support your access to Naturopathic Medicine

March 2013 Going Gluten Free: Value Beyond Celiac Disease, Antibiotic Exposure in Infancy Linked to Food Allergies, Gluten: What you Don't Know Might Kill You, Gluten Free Recipes

February 2013 This season's flu- Homeopathic Remedies, Low Vitamin D levels linked to colds, Help Support Licensure for Registered Naturopathic Doctors in Colorado! Winter Greens Recipes

January 2013 Fitness Programs: 7 Tips for Staying Motivated, How to Stay Motivated When Losing Weight, Bone Broth Soup Recipes, Susun Weed's Immune Soup A- Go-Go

November/ December 2012: Naturopathic Medicine: What can Patients Expect?, How Registered Naturopathic Doctors Are Proving the Value of Integrative Medicine, Gluten Free Holiday Recipes!

October 2012: Coenzyme Q10 for Healthy Skin!, Vitamin C and Skin Health, Clinical and Histological Effect of a Low, Glycaemic Load Diet in Treatment of Acne Vulgaris in Korean Patients: A Randomized, Controlled Trial, List of Foods with High Essential Fatty Acids

September 2012: What Really Makes us Fat?, How do Carbohydrates Cause Weight Gain?, Paleo Diet Recipes

August 2012: Herbs Rival Hormones as Most Popular Menopause Treatment, Black Cohosh Safe for Breast Cancer Patients, What is the Deal with Bioidentical Hormones???, Blueberry Recipes

July 2012: Gluten and Asthma are Linked, Mullein (Verbascum thapsis) sooths lungs during forest fire season, Halotherapy for chronic lung issues, Zucchini recipes

May/ June 2012: EWG's 2012 Safe Sunscreen List, Acli-Mate for High Altitude Endurance and Acclimatization!, And for those Sore Muscles...., Summer Salad Recipes!

April 2012: I LOVE Quercetin this Time of Year!,Saline Nasal Wash Recipe, Nettles for Allergies!,
Baby Radish Recipes!

March 2012: Triple antioxidant therapy for liver disease, Dandelion and the Liver, Favorite foods that support the liver!

February 2012: Too Much or Too Little Salt Tied to Heart Risk, Hawthorne Berry as a Nutritive Herb for the Treatment and Prevention of Heart Conditions, CoEnzyme Q10 and Energy Production, High Stress Levels Contribute to Heart Problems

October 2011: Delayed Food Allergies Can be a Contributing Factor in Asthma and Other Chronic Illnesses, Salt Spa in Boulder offers Haleotherapy, Fish oil shown to reduce airway inflammation caused by exercise-induced asthma, Squash Recipes

September 2011: Asthma Linked to Celiac Disease, Leaky Gut Syndrome May Play a Role in Arthritis, What Are Food Allergies?, Quinoa Blend Gluten Free Pizza Crust and Bread

August 2011: Fish Oils and Pediatric Brain Function, Ginkgo biloba and Memory, Brain Health and Sugar, Quick Tip for Improved Brain Function, Ratatouille Time!!!

June 2011: Environmental Working Group Rates Sunscreens for Safety, Effectiveness, Why You Should Not Use DEET Insect Repellant, And My Personal Favorite High Altitude Drink- Acli-mate, Summer Salad Recipes

May 2011: Clues to Gluten Sensitivity, Gluten Sensitivity: A Gastroenterologist's Personal Journey Down the Gluten Rabbit Hole by Dr. Scot Lewey, Gluten Free Recipes

April 2011: Quercetin, Stinging Nettle for Allergies, Cooking with Dandelions!

March 2011: The Pharmacology of Saw Palmetto, Hawthorn (Crataegus spp.) beneficial for heart health, Pumpkin Seeds and Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy

February 2011: Abnormal Pap Results, A Natural Approach to Cervical Dysplasia, Breast Health and Estrogen Ratios, All About Diindolymethane (DIM), Broccoli recipes

January 2011: Why are Americans So Fat? A sweet problem: Princeton researchers find that high-fructose corn syrup prompts considerably more weight gain
The Way We Live Now: The (Agri)Cultural Contradictions of Obesity, Healthy Winter Greens Recipes and Cooking Tips

November 2010: Immune Support Tips for the Cold/ Flu/ Holiday Season, Astragalus, one of my favorite immune building herbs, Chinese Herbs - Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum) to Boost Immune System and Prevent Cancer, Daily Dose of Echinacea Lengthens Life Expectancy,Kale! What is left in the Colorado November Garden!, Homeopathy for Colds and Flus

October 2010: When a Crop Becomes King by Michael Pollan Increased consumption of refined carbohydrates and the epidemic of type 2 diabetes in the United States: an ecologic assessment The Glycemic Index Cinnamon improves glucose and lipids of people with type 2 diabetes Low Glycemic Recipes

September 2010: Support your Lungs to Breathe,Food Allergies as a Cause of Asthma, Mullein for the Lungs, Boswellia and Asthma, Tomato Time!!! What to do with them all???

July/ August 2010: Anti-Aging Tips for the Longevity Lifestyle Information about Coenzyme Q10 Acetyl-L-carnitine and alpha-lipoic acid supplementation of aged beagle dogs improves learning in two landmark discrimination tests. High Stress = High Cortisol Levels = Aging Blood Sugar, Carbohydrates and Aging Resveritrol

June 2010: Gluten Arthritis Connection Glucosamine sulfate in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis symptoms: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study using acetaminophen as a side comparator. Boswellia serrata (Frankincense) for Arthritis and other Inflammatory conditions Fish Oil for Arthritis Pain Relief Salmon Recipes (always use wild salmon!) An Apparent Relation of Nightshades (Solanaceae) to Arthritis

May 2010: The Liver Friendly Life, PMS and the Liver ( a nice comprehensive article), Turmeric (Curcuma longa) May Prevent Liver Damage,Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) for Hepatitis C and other liver conditions, Dandelion Recipes

March 2010: A Real Homeopathy Case from my files (with permission from patient and her family) Homeopathy Simply Explained Water Remembers: Another Explanation for how Homeopathy works. The Strange Case of Homeopathy Homeopathy for Allergies

Feburary 2010: How Carbohydrates and Obesity are Linked: The Kind, not the Amount Get Out, get healthy - Don't let cold weather trap your kids inside! How Obesity Increases the Risk for Diabetes How do You Maintain Weight Loss? I Love Collard Greens! (And you should too!)

January 2010: Tips for Healthy Digestion Robert's Formula - a time tested remedy that often helps colitis The Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Connection Leaky Gut Syndrome and the Immune System Okra Recipes - yes really! This is for my sister who once got nothing but okra for 1 month from a CSA!!!

November 2009: Estrogen Dominance and PMDD Seasonal Affective Disorder Diet for Depression Yoga for Relieving Depression Pumpkin and Squash Recipes

September/October 2009: Counteracting Inflammation with Lifestyle Changes, The Antiinflammatory Diet, Omega 3 Fish Oil and Inflammation, Ancient Herb Suppresses, Inflammation, Curcumin (Turmeric) Suppresses Inflammation and Pain

August 2009: Healing Celiac's Disease, One interesting Perspective At the End, Offering Not a Cure but Comfort Celiac's Disease - An information resource Gluten Intolerance: Against the Grain Gluten Free Recipes

July 2009: Balancing yourself to better sleep! Eat Your Way to Better Sleep L-Theanine: How a Unique Anxiety Reducer and Mood Enhancer Increases Alpha Waves and Alertness Melatonin and 5-HTP for Sleep Disorders Kale Recipes - Kale Smoothie!

June 2009: Supporting a Healthy Digestion Leaky Gut Syndrome Explained Probiotics How Identifying and Treating Food Allergies May Help Your Digestive Problems Mache Recipes

May 2009: How the Swine Flu may be different and What to do Swine Influenza in Humans, Swine Flu Symptoms, Homeopathic Treatment and Homeopathic Remedies for the Flu Epidemic Influenza and Vitamin D The Use of Lomatium Root in Treating an Influenza Pandemic Artichoke Recipes

April 2009: Tips to maintaining and improving your memory How Acetyl-L-Carnitine prevents Alzheimer's disease and dementia while boosting brain function Ginkgo Biloba and the Brain Fish Oil Benefits for Memory Salmon Recipes

March 2009: Introducing the Ultra Lite Weight Loss System ! Scientists Reveal Mechanism between High -Fat, Diabetes Link Sugar and Cancer Large UK Study Reaffirms Body Fat - Cancer Link Daily Glass of Beet Juice can Beat High Blood Pressure, Study Shows

January 2009: Celebrating the Return of the Light in January Alpha Lipoic Acid for Antiaging Resveretrol: another fountain of youth? 10 Ways to Detoxify Your Body Susun Weed's Immune Boosting Soup Recipe

December 2008: Preventing Unwanted Winter Weight Gain Beat the Winter Weight Gain Blues Natural Treatment for Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder Natural Cold and Flu Prevention Vegetarian Split Pea Soup Recipe

November 2008: Lifestyle Choices to Beat Inflammation Men: Problems Urinating? Volunteers Needed for Prostate Study Role of inflammation -Growing Proof Inflammation is a Major Factor for Heart Disease Fighting Inflammation by Inhibiting LOX Enzymes with Boswella Origins and Evolution of the Western Diet: health impl;ications for the 21st century Cranberry Recipes!

October 2008: Get Your Immune System in Great Shape! Olive Leaf Extract's Antiviral Qualities All About Astragalus. My favorite Immune building herb! Info About the Reishi Mushroom A New Take on Psychoneuroimmunology Pumpkin Soup Recipes - Beyond Pumpkin Pie!

September 2008: Creating the Healthy Environmentally Safe Home Indoor Air Pollution What are VOC's? Mold Health Issues Zucchini Recipes

August 2008: A Good Vitamin Supplement Could be the Perfect Remedy for Depression 5-HTP and the Serotonin Connection How to Recognize Depression Facts About St. Johns Wort Mood Biochemistry of Women at Midlife Tomatoes!

July 2008: Natural Relief for Acne Diet Best Medicine for Pimply Problem Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Acne How the Liver Prevents Acne Pea Recipes

June 2008: Lifestyle Choices to Support a Healthy Cervix Heading Off Cervical Cancer by Diane Somerville The Vaginal Depletion Pack Men and HPV Mache Recipes

May 2008: Stress Management Pearls Can Stress Cause Weight Gain? Why is Sleep Deprivation so Harmful? High Stress Hormone Levels Impair Memory Dandelion Recipes!

April 2008: Breast Health Tips DIM Shines Light on Breast Health by Rebecca Came Breast Thermography Broccoli Recipes Cancer Fighting Compound Found in Broccoli Sprouts

February 2008: Natural Help for Allergies Stinging Nettle as an Allergy Remedy Boswellia Reduces Inflammation The Immune Support Breakfast!

January 2008: Health Tips for Healthier Kids! Fear and Allergies in the Lunchroom Probiotic Formula Reduces Diarrhea in Infants Attending Childcare Centers Children with ADHD benefited from 15 week course of fish oil and primrose oil Healthy School Lunch Ideas

November 2007: The Glycemic Index Trans Fat Ban Sweeping the Nation Is the Food Industry Playing Games With Our Children? Cinnamon, Cloves Improve Insulin Function, Lower Risk Factors For Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease Low Carb Holiday Menus

October 2007: Better Sleep Naturally! Co-Sleeping and Your Baby Natural Remedies For Insomnia Sleep Dysfunction in Women Pumpkin Recipes!

September 2007: Tips for better Lung Health Biological Activity of Common Mullein, a Medicinal Plant All About Quercetin, one of my favorite antiallergy allies! Food Allergies May Trigger Life-Threatening Asthma Attacks Apple Recipes!

August 2007: Help Yourself Help Your Joints Nightshades (Solanaceae family) Related to Arthritis Glucosamine , Chondroitin Seem to Work Enzymes Can Hasten Pain Relief Zucchini Recipes

July 2007: Natural Support for a Healthier Blood Fat Balance Guggul for Hypercholesterolemia Sunscreen Database - What Works and What's Safe Garlic Recipes

June 2007: Nurturing A Healthy Digestive System! All About Probiotics Leaky Gut Syndromes: Breaking the Vicious Cycle Gluten Free in Denver Basil Recipes

May 2007: Spring into a balanced energy and mood! Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Mental Health Increase in Serum GABA May Be Biomarker for PTSD Recovery Complementary Therapies as Adjuncts in the Treatment of Postpartum Depression Asparagus Recipes

April 2007: Training Tips for the Athlete! Gynecomastia in Prepubescent Males and Lavender HB 1192 on the Move! More letters needed to Rep. Jack Pommer in House District 11! Homeopathic Remedy for Tainted Pet Food Poisoning In honor of Kale!

March 2007: Simple safe ways that anyone can detoxify Cosmetic Companies that Don't Use Pthalates and Parabens Montreal Group Raises Alarm Over Cosmetics Dibutyl Phthalate fact report Xenoestrogens Interfere with your Normal Hormones Liver Loving Artichoke Recipes

February 2007: Aphrodisiacs: Magic or Medicine? Herbal Aphrodisiacs Hawthorne Extract Improves Chronic Heart Failure The Depression and Heart Disease Link Naturopathic Licensing Effort Now Underway in the Colorado State Legislature !

January 2007: What to Do When You Get the Flu! Echinacea Cuts Cold Incidence Vitamin C May Fight Cancer Wet Sock Treatment for Colds and Flu! Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon and Chile

December 2006: Immune Support 101 Probiotics: effects on immunity. Astragalus - all about my (current) favorite herb in the entire universe Reishi Mushroom - Another Great Immune Booster! Immune Power Soup Recipe Order Immune Boosting Products from my Website!

November 2006: Holiday Weight Gain Prevention Tips! Fructose, weight gain, and the insulin resistance syndrome Fast-food habits, weight gain, and insulin resistance (the CARDIA study): 15-year prospective analysis. Vegan Tofu Pumpkin Pie

October 2006: Great coping mechanisms for the "sugar season" Study Finds High-Carbohydrate Diet May Increase Breast Cancer Risk Taste inflation revealed: why sugar, salt and fragrance make you stupid 10 Ways to Sweeten Without Sugar

September 2006: Natural Breast Milk Replacement Formulas, Fish Oil and ADHD, Food Allergies in Infants and Children, Help License Registered Naturopathic Doctors in Colorado Collard Green Recipes

August 2006: What I learned at the Antiaging Seminar, in a Nutshell. In a Bad Mood? Eat Your Fish But if You're Going to Eat Fish, Eat Wild Salmon! Tomatoes Gone Wild! Order your Favorite Doctor Quality Supplements from my Website!

July 2006: Natural Medicine to Support Your Skin!,Skin Wrinkling: Can food make a difference?, Fish-Oil Supplement Reduce Lupus Disease Activity, Flaxseed Recipes, Online Pharmacy Now Available From My Website!

June 2006: Anxiety increases anxiety levels, or you are what you think!, Rhodiola rosea for help with anxiety and increased fortitude!, L-Theanine from green tea greatly reduces anxiety and enhances mood, Coming Soon, Sugar Snap Peas!, Coming Soon Virtual Dispensary!

May 2006: Fasting, Is it a Good Idea?, Hydrotherapy , Using Hot and Cold Water to Heal!, Hydrotherapy Case Study, Eat your Beets!

April 2006: Cortisol Levels and Sleep,Treating Early-Morning Awakening with Bright Light Therapy, Progesterone and Sleep , Taking (and Cracking) the Homeopathic Case, Free A Child Fundraiser, Up and Running!

March 2006: 100% of Net Profit on Sale of Children's and Big Kids Vitamins to Go to Free a Child ,High Quality Dark Chocolate is Good for You! , Longer Duration of Breastfeeding May Lower Risk for Developing Diabetes, Pesky Yard Weed Aids in Liver Detoxification, Pesky Yard Weed Greens are Also Yummy!

February 2006: Fun Valentine's Day Tip, Crateagus Berries (Hawthorne) Benefit Heart Health, Is Estrogen Dominating Your (or your loved one's) Life?, Dark Leafy Green Recipes, Upcoming Lecture February 21st

January 2006: Stress and Weight Gain, Breast Health and Estrogen Ratios, Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Pregnancy by Craig L. Jensen, MD for Medscape, Q and A