Lack of sleep affects gut health (and vice versa!)

Maria , 29, went through a very painful breakup 2 years ago and began having insomnia (trouble sleeping). Along with processing the grief through the loss of her relationship, she began to experience stomach pain and abdominal bloating. She had read that an imbalance in her gut could be contributing to her sleep issues, but […]

Sleep, Stress and the Gut

Sleep, Stress and the Gut

Are you losing Sleep? We live a very stressful time in the world these days. Lots of people are coming in for sleep and gut issues related to stress. At the time of this writing, there is a lot of scary upheaval shaking many of us to […]

How Stress and Lack of Sleep Makes You Fat!

How Stress and Lack of Sleep makes you Fat

Ellen, a 44 year old IT specialist with 2 kids had been putting in long hours at her job. She wanted to prove to her boss that she could do a good job so she took on extra projects and as many of you know, […]

Who Wants to Crawl Back from Fatigued to Fabulous?

Many years ago, fresh out of med school I was so fatigued that I needed a 2 hour afternoon nap almost every day because I would have a brown out around 3-5 PM. I would go home from work, crash out, and wake up in time to throw something together for dinner. Even […]

Balancing Yourself for Better Sleep


Sleep disorders run rampant in our society. Also they become more commonplace in women as they hit perimenopause due to various hormonal influences. While the stress/cortisol imbalance accounts for what I believe is the majority of the sleeplessness we as a society experience, here are some helpful tips if getting a […]

Cortisol Levels, Stress, Sleep and Weight Gain

Cortisol is a major hormone among many that is released by the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands secrete our “fight or flight” hormones that we as a species evolved with so that we could outrun that sabre toothed tiger. When cortisol is released, we are on high alert. Blood rushes to the […]