Running on Empty? Help for SIBO-D


Barbara was very very sick. She was having bad diarrhea 10-15 times per day. She was feeling wiped out and isolated as she was too sick to go out. Working was nearly impossible as she could barely concentrate due to severe brain fog not to mention the multiple trips to the bathroom. She had […]

Constipation: Are You Clogged?

Jennifer was getting frustrated. No matter what she tried, she was only able to have a small hard bowel movement every 3-5 days which only offered a slight improvement in how she felt. In between bowel movements she was horribly uncomfortable. She felt like her intestines were full of cement! She tried various laxatives as […]

Take a Pause and Do the Research

Take a Pause and Do the Research

She called my office on a Friday afternoon. And urgently wanted me to call her back that day. She was not a current patient of mine but I called her back anyway because she sounded so scared and so desperate and wanted me to help her. […]

Do all People with IBS have SIBO?

Do all people with IBS have SIBO?


The first time it happened was when I was pregnant. I was visiting my parents and I had just eaten a cookie my mother had served. My belly suddenly filled up with air and I was in intense pain. I drank some peppermint tea and the air […]

How to Get Rid of Bloating, Gas and Cramping

How to Get Rid of Bloating, Gas and Cramping

Many many years ago I was experiencing horrible bloating and cramping a few hours after eating. This is way before medical school and years before I know anything about food allergies and sensitivities, gluten, or any of the stuff people normally try on their own […]

What the heck is SIBO? Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth!

What the heck is SIBO? – Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

Martha , a 48 year old working mother, came to see me in my office because a few hours after she ate her belly blew up like a balloon. She experienced severe bloating , gas, and cramping. “I feel like I am 5 […]