Proven, Effective Weight Loss Program!


runningWith the Ultra Lite Weight Loss Program, you will get real results by losing fat and not muscle, you will love the way your body looks and feels, and you will enjoy improved health.
You can lose 1-3 lbs. of fat per week if you are female, and 3-5 lbs. of fat per week for men.*

* Results may vary due to age and individual body type
You will also notice increased energy and productivity on this diet, while adding years to your life by preventing serious and expensive health conditions in the future.
Have you had trouble losing weight because of portion size?
Have you had trouble losing weight because you are eating the wrong ratio of carbs to proteins?
Have you had weakness and wacky food cravings on other weight loss plans you have tried that cause you to abandon your diet?
Whenever you lose some weight, do you always gain it all back and more?
Other popular yet ineffective weight loss programs have you losing a little bit of fat, a little bit of muscle, and organ tissue. With Ultra Lite you will only lose FAT!
This matters! If you lose muscle mass, you are losing your fat burning engine. This will set you up for yo-yo dieting in the future and make it even harder to lose the weight again!
Ultra Lite weight loss program, unlike others, will balance insulin levels throughout the day using our special ration of protein to carbohydrates while giving your body the vitamins and minerals that it needs to stay healthy.
This means

  • You won’t get hungry or have wacky cravings
  • Your energy levels will be stabilized
  • You will lose fat and not muscle.
  • You will learn proper portion size. American “supersizing” has been a substantial contributor to the obesity epidemic.
  • While on the program patients eat a breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, and take four Ultra Lite packets between meals. The packets are not meal replacements, nor protein packs, but rather vitamins, amino acids and minerals to ensure people are getting 100% of their nutritional needs while on the program. Between getting into a special biochemical state where the body is burning fat, and taking the Ultra Lite packets between meals, people will feel great and not be hungry or have cravings while losing fat.
  • You and I will meet once per week during the fat loss portion of the program to measure progress, troubleshoot, and to see how it is all working!

Frequently Asked Questions About Ultra Lite Weight Loss Program

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions asked about the Ultra Lite Medical Weight Loss System. If your questions are not answered here, please call us.


Visit this link to read answers to your frequently asked questions!

  1. Tell me how this diet works.
  2. Can I still eat all the foods that I like to eat, like wine and chocolate?I have been on other popular diets before and lost weight and then gained it all back. How is this diet any different?
  3. Is this a pill? Are the meals pre-packaged?
  4. I go to a lot of parties and business meetings. Can I still do this diet?
  5. How often do we get to meet to go over my progress?
  6. Will other people be at the weekly meetings?
  7. How fast will I lose weight?
  8. How will I know if the plan is working?
  9. Are there any special materials to do this diet? Are they included with the fee?

Typical Stories:

K.L., female, age 40, from Boulder County lost 75 lbs. over a year. Weighing in initially at 270 lbs, she was never able to lose weight even though she ate relatively healthy and exercised. She lost 75 lbs. over 1 year on the Ultra Lite program and many chronic health conditions have also cleared up!
“It was wonderful to see her amazing physical transformation over that year. She is very inspiring!” Tara Skye Goldin, N.D.
Amelia Greacen, Licensed Acupuncturist, Boulder, CO
I think it is a really great diet, because it teaches people about the effects of elevated blood sugar due to excess carbohydrates in our diets, and how to easily switch to a better ratio of fat, protein and carbohydrate. I feel really satisfied on this diet, and know that I have found an important key to keeping weight off and improving my health.

Having the supervision with Tara was really useful, as we could talk each week about health challenges I was having, and how to make the diet work for me. She was really supportive and encouraging, and documented the changes that my body was making each week in terms of weight and inches lost. I lost 16 pounds in 2 months, and during that time I did not experience cravings and my appetite got much smaller.
“ I enjoyed working with Molly and being a witness to the improvements in her health as we reduced the level of inflammation in her body!” Tara Skye Goldin, N.D.
C.L. Louisville, CO

It’s been a year since I finished the Ultra-Lite diet with Dr. Goldin.
I learned invaluable information about how my body reacts to certain foods and
lost 20lbs in the process. I’ve kept off my weight and feel great. Thanks Dr. Goldin!
“It can be difficult to lose weight after childbirth while one is fatigued and busy raising 2 young children. C.L. lost the excess weight easily through this food plan. Definitely a great way to lose the post baby weight and to get your old pr-ebaby body back!” Tara Skye Goldin, ND

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  • Juaneva gomez

    Very interested in your program

  • tsg-lead

    Hello Juaneva. I would be happy to schedule a free 15 minute phone consult with you to see if the Ultra Lite food plan is right for you! You can schedule by calling my office M-F 8:30-5 and asking for a free 15 minute consult. The number is (303) 443-2206. i am looking forward to speaking with you!

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