What I learned about portion control from the Japanese

Many years ago when I was freshly out of college I worked as a Foreign Fisheries Observer in the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska. This was in the early 1980’s and a great way for me to parlay my B.S. in Biology into a decent paying job (which was a rarity back then). […]

Therapeutic Diets: Which diet should I choose????

Therapeutic Diets: Which diet should I choose????

Are you confused about which therapeutic diet you should choose? You aren’t alone! With so many to choose from, it is no wonder that some people have a lot of trouble figuring out their diet and nutrition.

Kathryn knew she wanted to change […]

Why everything containing Folic Acid belongs in the trash!

Why you should throw EVERYTHING that contains Folic Acid in the trash!

Back in the 1990’s the discovery that folates could prevent neural tube defects in babies became the impetus for folic acid, an inexpensive form of folate, to be added to grain and cereal products as well as becoming a universal ingredient […]

Unicorn Free Zone!

Why is the Starbucks Unicorn Frappacino even considered FOOD? I’m talking about that gooey blue, pink and purple shake drink that was so popular last week. A “Fun food” from a famous coffee company which was marketed to kids and adults alike and saw huge sales. I get the energy of celebration and fun that […]

Digestive Health, the Microbiome, and its connection to all things



For decades naturopathic doctors have known about the link between gut flora and health. Harvard and other institutions are now in the process of mapping the microbiome so as to determine links between health and gut flora balance. Fantastic news that Harvard is finally catching up to the naturopaths with their research! We […]

Bone Broth Recipes!

For many of my patients who have GI issues such as food allergies, celiac disease, candida overgrowth, etc. I often recommend bone broth to aid in restoring and repairing the villi of the GI tract. Bone broth contains easily digestible micronutrients and minerals to help tissues to repair properly. Bone broth is also useful when […]


This morning, on my day “off” from seeing patients, I cleaned out my son’s room in preparation for his attending middle school. Out went (most of ) his old school projects, the large bin of legos (most of which were passed down from his older brother) as well as lots of other old toys that […]

Brain Health and Neurotransmitters Linked to Gut Health

Did you know that the health of your gut can effect your moods? A while ago, someone coined the phrase “Gut Psychology Syndrome” for the effect that a leaky or inflamed gut can have on neurotransmitter production (or lack thereof). The special diet and protocol have been used for conditions such as autism, epilepsy depression, […]

My Health – A Journey into Terrier Consciousness

Here is an article I wrote a while ago for elephant journal:

Waylon has wanted me to write something for elephant journal for a while now.

While I appreciate that he enjoys my writing , I have been at a loss as to what to write about… until a friend on Facebook posted the […]

Is Fasting a Good Idea?

Many of you ask me about fasting. Fasting can be a great way to clear your mind, body, and spirit of any impurities known and unknown that one may be harboring. That said, many of you also know that I hardly ever spontaneously recommend fasting for my patients as part of a general treatment […]