Beyond “Food Jail” …er… Restrictive Diets

Beyond “Food Jail” er … Restrictive Diets

A lot of my patients are on restrictive diets. I walk them through the process, how to deal with the emotions, how to manage it with their busy chaotic lives, so they can allow their bodies to heal from inflammation, bacterial overgrowth, autoimmune disorders, etc. Most […]

Healing GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease)

Healing GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease)

Sally, 48, often felt a burning pain in her upper abdominal area after eating and received a diagnosis of GERD. After visiting a gastroenterologist where she was told that it had nothing to do with her diet and she needed to be on a proton pump inhibitor indefinitely, […]

Lack of sleep affects gut health (and vice versa!)

Maria , 29, went through a very painful breakup 2 years ago and began having insomnia (trouble sleeping). Along with processing the grief through the loss of her relationship, she began to experience stomach pain and abdominal bloating. She had read that an imbalance in her gut could be contributing to her sleep issues, but […]

All about Cytokines!

What are Cytokines and what’s that have to do with me?

Stephanie, 47, spent most of her free time lying on the couch and spacing out. She knew that she should get up and be productive, but her mind and body weren’t supporting that right now. She was feeling incredibly fatigued and her mind just […]

How to Recover from the “Stomach Flu” or Enterovirus

How to Recover from the “Stomach Flu” or Enterovirus

Carolyn’s entire family got hit very hard during winter break this year with the “stomach flu”, and just this week over 1/3 of a certain school district in Illinois were felled by this nasty bug. A friend reported on Facebook that her flight was delayed because […]

Hashimoto’s, Thyroid, Gluten and the Gut

Kaitlyn first came to see me suffering with extreme fatigue, insomnia, and a feeling of “unwellness” many years ago. She had a young child and worked part time but felt very fatigued all of the time. She was health conscious and followed a vegetarian diet with her husband and fed her whole family that way.


The Gut-Hormone Connection

How your Gut Issues are Connected to Hormone Imbalance

Maureen, a 46 year old mother of 3, had recurrent digestive problems and IBS along with acne and irregular, painful periods with a hellish case of monthly PMS. It all began around the time her dermatologist prescribed longterm antibiotic therapy for stubborn acne. While her acne […]

“My Gut hurts and my Brain isn’t Working!”

My gut hurts and my Brain isn’t working!

Have you ever felt this way? Janine certainly knows what this is like! “ I have had chronic digestive issues since I was a little girl. And when things are especially bad I would forget simple words, and forget about remembering names! I am only […]

Constipation: Are You Clogged?

Jennifer was getting frustrated. No matter what she tried, she was only able to have a small hard bowel movement every 3-5 days which only offered a slight improvement in how she felt. In between bowel movements she was horribly uncomfortable. She felt like her intestines were full of cement! She tried various laxatives as […]