Beyond “Food Jail” …er… Restrictive Diets

Beyond “Food Jail” er … Restrictive Diets

A lot of my patients are on restrictive diets. I walk them through the process, how to deal with the emotions, how to manage it with their busy chaotic lives, so they can allow their bodies to heal from inflammation, bacterial overgrowth, autoimmune disorders, etc. Most […]

Restrictive Diets Can Trigger a Lot of Emotions!

Do you struggle with the emotions surrounding your health plan or restricted diet? Whether it is for weight loss or to heal and correct a health condition it can be extremely challenging to stick to the plan. It is understandable that there may be associated feelings around this.

Mary felt anger and rage […]

Therapeutic Diets: Which diet should I choose????

Therapeutic Diets: Which diet should I choose????

Are you confused about which therapeutic diet you should choose? You aren’t alone! With so many to choose from, it is no wonder that some people have a lot of trouble figuring out their diet and nutrition.

Kathryn knew she wanted to change […]

Sleep, Stress and the Gut

Sleep, Stress and the Gut

Are you losing Sleep? We live a very stressful time in the world these days. Lots of people are coming in for sleep and gut issues related to stress. At the time of this writing, there is a lot of scary upheaval shaking many of us to […]

Taking the Plunge!

Healing is Risky!

Yep, that’s me! I waded through the cool water to the edge of the waterfall, the strong current rushing around my ankles and calves as I peered over the edge. One of our guides held me by the strap of my lifejacket and my red helmet was secured around my head. I […]

Take a Pause and Do the Research

Take a Pause and Do the Research

She called my office on a Friday afternoon. And urgently wanted me to call her back that day. She was not a current patient of mine but I called her back anyway because she sounded so scared and so desperate and wanted me to help her. […]

Do all People with IBS have SIBO?

Do all people with IBS have SIBO?


The first time it happened was when I was pregnant. I was visiting my parents and I had just eaten a cookie my mother had served. My belly suddenly filled up with air and I was in intense pain. I drank some peppermint tea and the air […]

When a Flare Happens: Stress and Autoimmune Disease

When a Flare Happens : Stress and Autoimmune Disease -.


Maureen had been working with me for about 6 months for her Crohns disease and we had gotten her to a pretty stable place and she was able to incorporate the diet changes into her life and was happy with the results. However, she […]

Why does Gut Health Affect so Many Things? Especially Autoimmune Diseases?

Why does Gut Health Affect so Many Things? Especially Autoimmune Diseases?

Evelyn, age 51, sat tearfully in my office. Her hands were in constant pain and she had trouble buttoning her clothes and typing on the computer. She had just been diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune disease and her rheumatologist had prescribed some heavy […]

How Stress and Lack of Sleep Makes You Fat!

How Stress and Lack of Sleep makes you Fat

Ellen, a 44 year old IT specialist with 2 kids had been putting in long hours at her job. She wanted to prove to her boss that she could do a good job so she took on extra projects and as many of you know, […]