Interstitial Cystitis?


If you have ever felt urgency, frequency and pain during urination along with pain above the pubic bone, it is quite possible that you were experience a urinary tract infection. Diagnosis of a urinary tract infection ( or a UTI) is normally done by performing a test on your urine to see if […]

Digestive Health, the Microbiome, and its connection to all things



For decades naturopathic doctors have known about the link between gut flora and health. Harvard and other institutions are now in the process of mapping the microbiome so as to determine links between health and gut flora balance. Fantastic news that Harvard is finally catching up to the naturopaths with their research! We […]

Eczema – that annoying itch!

Eczema is chronic inflammation of the skin which is caused by inflammation. The inflammation can be due to irritants or allergens topically/ environmentally or internally through the digestive system. Often I find that if I can heal the GI tract and the digestive system, and eliminate food and environmental allergens, I can have a concurrent […]

You and Your Adrenals

I am thinking a lot about the adrenal glands these days since their function seems to tie into so many other endocrine systems such as our insulin regulation as well as thyroid hormones, the immune system and our reproductive hormones. I used to think of the adrenal glands as just our energy “batteries”, and when […]

Brain Health and Neurotransmitters Linked to Gut Health

Did you know that the health of your gut can effect your moods? A while ago, someone coined the phrase “Gut Psychology Syndrome” for the effect that a leaky or inflamed gut can have on neurotransmitter production (or lack thereof). The special diet and protocol have been used for conditions such as autism, epilepsy depression, […]

My Health – A Journey into Terrier Consciousness

Here is an article I wrote a while ago for elephant journal:

Waylon has wanted me to write something for elephant journal for a while now.

While I appreciate that he enjoys my writing , I have been at a loss as to what to write about… until a friend on Facebook posted the […]

Natural Help for Allergies

Natural Help for Allergies


Many people feel a sense of relief and well being upon the arrival of spring. Days are warmer and longer, flowers are blooming, and many enjoy wearing lighter clothes and feeling the warm air against their skin. And in Boulder, opportunities for a myriad of outdoor activities abound. This […]

Nurturing a Healthy Digestive System


Everyone takes it in the gut every now and again! Perhaps a trip to Mexico or India got your gut, or a nasty infection where you had to take antibiotics , or even just years of eating a poor diet. Here are some tips to help heal your gut and get you back […]

Allergic to Food

Allergies can lead to serious illness by Julie Stafford – FIT Magazine September 2, 1996

Nancy Squires lived what she thought was a healthy lifestyle for 20 years. She followed a vegetarian diet and her routine included running, hiking, and mountain biking. But after giving birth to a daughter six years ago, Squires started getting […]